Bloody man running from NC cops was fugitive bank teller missing for 2 years, feds say

A 30-year-old former bank teller in Virginia reportedly disappeared after a grand jury indicted him on embezzlement charges in 2019.

When police finally caught up to him two years later about an hour from his hometown, prosecutors said he was covered in blood and throwing cash over a railing.

Now Jorge Navarro faces charges in two separate cases relating to $617,000 that went missing from a bank vault in Virginia three years ago and a slew of cocaine and guns found in his North Carolina apartment last month, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia said Wednesday in a news release.

Tiger sharks eat whale carcass that drifted ashore in Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) — Officials are warning people to stay out of the water after sharks were seen eating the carcass of a whale that has washed ashore on an Oahu beach.

Several tiger sharks were seen eating the whale remains as it drifted closer to shore in Waimanalo, Hawaii News Now reported Tuesday. The carcass landed on the beach later in the day, but warning signs remained Wednesday.

Honolulu Ocean Safety Division Lt. David Loui took a jet ski out to the carcass as sharks ate chunks of the whale.

Afghanistan: Biden calls for end to ‘America’s longest war’

The US will continue to support Afghanistan after withdrawing all US troops, but not “militarily,” President Joe Biden has pledged.

“It is time to end America's longest war,” he said in a speech from the White House room where US airstrikes there were first declared in 2001.

The pull-out is to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the 11 September 2001 terror attacks, officials say.

70-year-old has been on death row for 45 years. A Texas court just tossed his sentence

Raymond Riles, who was sentenced to death in 1976 in the fatal shooting of a used car dealer, had his sentencing dropped Wednesday.

The Texas Court of Appeals removed Riles’ death sentence because the jury was not advised to consider the now 70-year-old man’s mental health when deciding his punishment 45 years ago.

The case has been sent back to Harris County, where a court will once again determine Riles’ punishment in the 1974 crime.

Daunte Wright: Doting dad, ballplayer, slain by police

Daunte Wright became a father while he was still a teenager, and seemed to relish the role of a doting young dad, his family and friends said.

A family photo shows a beaming Wright holding his son, Daunte Jr., at his first birthday party. Another shows Wright, wearing a COVID-19 face mask and his son wearing a bib with the inscription, “ALWAYS HUNGRY.”

Wright, 20, was fatally shot Sunday by a police officer in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center. As protesters and civil rights advocates called for justice and police accountability over his death, his family asked people to also remember his life.

Mysterious goat appears in Death Valley National Park. That’s bad news, rangers say

A tourist at Death Valley spotted something within the park that shouldn’t be there: a mysterious goat.

The visitor reported seeing a domestic goat in a canyon near Stovepipe Wells within the park. The goat could be bad for native bighorn sheep and the park’s ecosystem, rangers said Wednesday on Facebook.

“Although it may make for a seemingly fun surprise to see a goat in Death Valley, domestic goats are a known vector of a respiratory disease that is fatal to bighorn sheep,” park rangers said.

Police seeking ‘unruly’ customer who wrecked COVID barrier at Miami Beach restaurant

A South Beach restaurant is asking the public for information about an unwanted visitor who had a violent tantrum there Friday night.

Surveillance video posted on Taquiza Taco’s Instagram page shows a maskless man in shorts storming in, brushing by other customers, then shoving himself up against plexiglass near the cashier, flailing his arms.

Antimasker went on racist rant at a Florida Walgreens — then got arrested for spitting

These Fort Worth mayoral candidates say voter restriction laws are bad for business

Texas should avoid voting laws that may hurt businesses, candidates for Fort Worth mayor said Wednesday in a forum, though some wanted to have a more hands-on approach to advocating for voting laws.

Many companies have spoken out against Republican efforts to make voting more difficult in Texas, so the forum focused on Fort Worth’s business environment led with the question of what role the mayor should play. It was also the question where candidates D.C. Caldwell, Mattie Parker, Deborah Peoples and Ann Zadeh seem to diverge from each other the most.

Legislation under consideration in Austin would prohibit drive-thru voting, block election officials from sending applications for vote-by-mail without being asked, prohibit voting temporary structures, and loosen restrictions on poll watchers. Several major companies based in Texas have criticized the proposal, including Fort Worth-based American Airlines, Dell Technologies and Southwest Airlines. In a statement American Airlines said election security should be maintained “while making it easier to vote, not harder.”

Fired officer who halted excessive force arrest wins pension

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — A Buffalo, New York, police officer who was fired for trying to stop another officer from using a chokehold on a handcuffed suspect has won a yearslong legal fight to overturn her dismissal and collect her pension.

A state Supreme Court judge cited the changing landscape around the use of force by police and a new “duty to intervene” statute that the fired officer, Cariol Horne, championed following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“Quoting the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 'the time is always right to do right,'” Judge Dennis Ward wrote in his decision.

Popular NC teacher killed trying to rob Mexican drug cartel member, sheriff says

A popular Union County teacher described by family and friends as a devoted dad, teacher and coach was fatally wounded in a shootout when he and his brother-in-law tried to rob members of a Mexican drug cartel, Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson said Wednesday.

Barney Dale Harris taught Spanish and was head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball and track teams at Union Academy Charter School, according to his family and the school.

He was found dead last Thursday in the bedroom of an Alamance County mobile home that Johnson called a drug “stash house” for a Mexican cartel.

Sen. Murphy on Afghanistan: ‘The longer we stay, the less stable the country is’

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., spoke on the “Skullduggery” podcast on April 13 in support of President Biden’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, citing the country’s corrupt government and the realities of the Taliban’s resurgence.

Video Transcript

CHRIS MURPHY: Well, I don’t think history will look very kindly at all the US participation in a 20-year long war. There is no argument that if the United States stayed another 10 to 15 years, it would lead to greater political stability. In fact, it seems that the longer we stay, the less stable the country is.

To be honest, al-Qaeda in Afghanistan is not a threat to the United States in the way that it used to be. The threats that exist to the United States in the counterterrorism space are in other places. And we deserve to be able to shift our resources to the places where the real threats to our homeland actually present.

We have been in Afghanistan, trying to help the Afghan government stand up governance capacity for two decades. Some of our soldiers that are fighting force in Afghanistan weren’t alive when this war began. And I just hate to say it, but the Afghan government hasn’t lived up to their end of the bargain. That government is still rife with corruption. The military has been promising to get better and increase capabilities, and they have not.

And so at some point, the United States has to take no for an answer. And the Afghan government has had ample opportunity to be able to create the governance and security space such as to rob the Taliban of its operating oxygen. It has not done that, despite billions of in US assistance, despite hundreds of thousands of US troops being inside that country.

‘The longer we stay, the stronger the Taliban gets’: Sen. Murphy praises Biden’s decision on Afghanistan withdrawal

Calling the Afghan government “rife with corruption,” Sen. Chris Murphy, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, applauded President Biden’s move to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11 as the only reasonable step after 20 years of frustration and failure.

“The longer we stay, the stronger the Taliban gets,” Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, said in an interview for the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery.” “The longer we stay, the more corrupt the Afghan government gets. There is no argument that if the United States stayed another 10 to 15 years, it would lead to greater political stability. In fact, it seems the longer we stay, the less stable the government is.”