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Tropical depression Fred is approaching Florida with another storm close behind

Tropical depression Fred was attempting to reorganize after being shredded as it crossed the land masses of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

The storm system is expected to regain strength and could become a tropical storm again by Saturday night as it moves near Florida.

By 11 p.m. Friday, tropical storm warnings remained in place for part of the western Florida Keys, from the Seven Mile Bridge to the Dry Tortugas, but other watches for Florida's west coast were discontinued.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday issued a state of emergency for part of the state to allow for aid. It cites the potential for heavy rain, strong winds and flooding.

The tropical depression had maximum sustained winds of 35 mph and was around 150 miles south-southeast of Key West, Florida, late Friday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Fred is expected to return to tropical storm strength as it turns north and parallels the western Florida coast, similar to the track of last month's Tropical Storm Elsa.

It could strengthen to a midlevel tropical storm — packing maximum sustained winds of 50 mph — before making landfall along the Florida Panhandle on Monday.

In Naples in southwest Florida, some were preparing for the storm. David Levesque was getting a threatening pine tree removed from near his home.

“The tree will be gone tonight, and I'll be happy,” he told NBC affiliate WBBH. “Fred, come on by — I'll be ready for you.”

There is a possibility for isolated tornadoes associated with Fred's tropical rain bands for parts of central and South Florida beginning Saturday morning.

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